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GOM is a leading innovator in developing optical 3D metrology systems and measurement software.  GOM develops, produces and sells software and systems worldwide, for 3D coordinate measuring technology and 3D testing, based on the latest research results and innovative technologies.

GOM continue to research and develop their technology to meet the demands of the leading market sectors; the speed and overall performance of the latest sensors allows them to deliver reliable and comprehensive data for the most challenging applications.

In addition, GOM shares knowledge on processes and measurement technology in training courses, conferences and application-based workshops.

ATOS 5x with car  

The ATOS 5 and 5X are the latest high-speed additions to the GOM family of systems.  The robust sensors are fast and precise following the introduction of new features and developments.  More speed and light in the camera allows for a shorter exposure time, so at 2.0 seconds per scan and 100 frames per second, ATOS 5 is the optimum in high speed precision data capture. 

For further information regarding software training or any of the GOM systems, pleae contact the UK office.

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