International GOM Workshop Series “3D Metrology in Casting and Foundry Processes”

Member News On 08 March 2018, GOM UK will host a “3D Metrology for Casting and Foundry Processes” workshop in Coventry. The event is part of an international workshop series, taking place over 42 locations from Asia to America from January to April 2018. The global GOM network established this event series to transfer process-related insights and knowledge to design engineers, pattern, die and mould makers as well as specialists from quality assurance and

The free workshop is an industrial meeting platform for exchanging knowledge and sharing experiences. In twenty-nine different countries, GOM and selected speakers show how full-field surface measurements guarantee faster first article inspection and targeted tool correction, thereby reducing production lead times. For production-related quality control, both the measurements and the entire evaluation process can be automated. In addition, the GOM network introduces the latest developments in 3D metrology systems and inspection software.

More information about the event and registration can be found at:

In casting and forging industries, 3D metrology supports and speeds up all phases in sand, pressure die and investment casting processes: from pattern and die construction to mould and core making, through to first article inspection reports and optimisation of CNC machining.

 style=Optical 3D coordinate measuring systems from GOM allow non-contact measurements of complete surfaces regardless of object size, such as patterns, tools, gravity dies, sand cores, sand moulds, and cast and forged parts.  

GOM develops and produces software and systems for 3D coordinate measuring technology and 3D testing. With more than 60 sites and 1,000 metrology specialists worldwide, GOM guarantees professional support and service. Optical 3D metrology is today providing an alternative approach to traditional dimensional inspection tools, improving the product quality and manufacturing processes in automotive, aerospace and consumer goods industries. With no limits on component size, fast complete measurements enable parts to be thoroughly checked and fast, accurate, GOM scans are now an established way of reducing product development times and ensuring highest quality components.